Dapper for the Dental School Prom: (or how to be a dapper man DAILY!)

So...I love getting questions and I especially loved the question I got e mailed last week.  Not only was it from my good high school friend Jake (and former junior prom date), but he asked how could he be a bit "out of the box" for his dental school prom.  I cannot tell you how much I love when a man thinks beyond a suit, tie and button-up for formal occasions. There is much, MUCH more out there! The things men could do with clothes if they only thought a little more about it astounds me. The layering possibilities are endless.  In this post we explore the world beyond the tired old suit and tie main stay.  We mix it up (Color! Pattern! Texture! A denim jacket under a blazer?! YES!!). We do this on a budget too, after all, Jake is in dental school.  No gold fillings yet folks...

We start with Jason Schwartzman as inspiration.  I adore everything about this man.  Clothing? Check. Absolutely amazing musician? Check. Married to a stylist? Check. (Ok that's my favorite part but I digress). The man owns a great sense of personal style.  He works with what works for him and he's not afraid of some color, pattern and quirkiness, he's an original and I heart you Jason!


After I got Jake's message I started going through my GQ and Details tears.  Part of my daily job is Men's styling so I dived right in to pull the images of examples I love the most.  I always look for different ways to wear things.  Experimenting is a phenomenal idea.  If it doesn't work, just try something else, not the end of the world.

Case in point, love the leather jacket over the shirt and tie instead of a blazer.  It's unexpected and fun. This could also work with a hoodie instead.  The denim paired with it keeps it sleek, just make sure the denim is dark.  You know what else would be amazing?! A denim jacket paired under a blazer or try it as the outer piece if that seems a bit much for you.

Classic plaid $26.90 Forever21

Faux leather trimmed jacket $36.90 Forever21

Denim jacket $39.99 JC Penny (also comes in other colors)

"Vintage windbreaker" $34.90 Forever21

Leatherette jacket $43.90 Forever21


Classic and Sleek jeans $26.90 Forever21

Again with the unexpected!  The black and white knit is graphic and cool.  He doesn't look like he's trying too hard it's effortless yet totally effected.

Red stripe hoodie $28.90 Forever21

The polos under the blazers in these next two images are awesome. I am especially fond of cotton pocket squares.  You could also use a bandana as a pocket square to add a shot of pattern if you're really feeling it, or just use a printed pocket square. I am feeling redundant.

Classic jacket $52.90 Forever21

Solid trim polo shirt $14.90 (more colors) Forever21

Purple polo $19.99 JC Penny

Box of 7 cotton pocket squares $25.00 Brooks Brothers

Red white and blue check pocket square $20.00 Brooks Brothers

Pattern AND texture AND color! ohhh my!

Pinstripe vest $23.90 Forever21

Stripe knit tie $9.90 Forever21

Stripe Polo $11.99 JC Penny

Saddle shoe Nordstrom

Sleek modern cap-toe Nordstrom

Love the v-neck under this with the blazer and the denim.  The pocket square and boots are a nice touch although these boots are a touch too editorial.  A desert boot or timberland would be just as effective and not so over the top.

I've had this tear for almost a year now, the white t-shirt is perfection.  Also love the army green pant. 

Lee Regular fit color jeans $24.99 JC Penny

Clark Desert boot Nordstrom

Dockers JC Penny

Green crew neck $5.90 Forever21 (I am over the v-neck)

Distressed blue wingtip Nordstrom

Favorite inspired images and items to add your personal touch.  It's all about how you mix it. These simple pieces could be dressed up or down.

woven career pants $33.90 Forever21

4 piece tuxedo vest $29.99 (more colors) JC Penny 

This would look great under a hoodie or leather jacket (or over the t-shirt below)! Be creative! 

"Fancy Me" $13.90 Forever21

Red Dockers Nordstrom

Cardigan Forever21 (shirt and tie would definitely work under this)

Gray jeans JCPenny

Shawl knit jacket $32.90 Forever21

Sperry Top Siders Nordstom (They don't have to be dress shoes...)

Camo Converse Nordstrom

Green Adidas Nordstrom

Sperry Top Sider Nordstrom

I hope this helps get you started Jake! XO!











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    - Snapshot - Dapper for the Dental School Prom: (or how to be a dapper man DAILY!)
  • Response
    - Snapshot - Dapper for the Dental School Prom: (or how to be a dapper man DAILY!)
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    - Snapshot - Dapper for the Dental School Prom: (or how to be a dapper man DAILY!)
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    - Snapshot - Dapper for the Dental School Prom: (or how to be a dapper man DAILY!)
  • Response
    - Snapshot - Dapper for the Dental School Prom: (or how to be a dapper man DAILY!)
  • Response
    - Snapshot - Dapper for the Dental School Prom: (or how to be a dapper man DAILY!)

Reader Comments (4)

From an elementary school table mate...fantastic stuff here. This is the info I need. Different and Dapper on a budget.

Although at one point you were in love with a v-neck and the next you were over it, but I get the idea.

I am Google-ing green Adidas RIGHT NOW!

April 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJohn B

Thanks John! Good to hear from you! I will try to keep posting more men's stuff too. Those green Adidas are from Nordstrom and they have them right now... :)

April 5, 2011 | Registered CommenterJaymie

Oh Jaymie! When you move back to New York you are going to raid Al's closet and tell him what looks good on him! I try but it doesn't help...I think the advice of a hot young woman would do his ego...and personal stilo some good!

April 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

I love this post! I wish more guys would care about the way they look. Too many guys are like "hmm, I've got pants on, I've got this mostly clean tshirt on... I'm good!"

I have a major celeb crush on Matt Bomer from White Collar. His character might be a former criminal, but he's at least got style and good taste!

April 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLaura-Nicole

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